THe BIG mind of Hollywood filmmakerz…

HI blog fanz…I know this is my first attempt at blogging still u r my fanz..initially i was a little apprehensive bout doing this thing but wen shahrukh n amir did it (ahem..labelling d other as a pet dog)..i wanted to do this so much, that my hands worked on d keyboard like free-writing (Free writing is one of the techniques used by some “spiritual” enthusiasts to talk to some spirits, both evil n good). I’m mostly a rock muzik n movie buff, so don’t mind, that my thoughts would be splashed around here and there mostly within film n band reviews.

I saw this movie called ‘Across the Universe’ starring Jim Sturgess (u can see his pic on my orkut profile cover, currently my fav actor ) and another movie called ’21’, starring Jim, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey. Across the Universe is mainly a musical, an attempt to revive the Beatles legacy. The Beatles songs are re-sung and remixed to some extent and are used by the director very efficiently to portray the emotions, including special feature being the song I am the Walrus by U2 lead Bono, in which he himself is acting. Jim plays a small town boy who goes to Princeton University to find his dad and ends up finding lifelong friends along with the love of his life. The US is fighting a war against Vietnam and the group of friends come out in an Anti-War protests against US authorities. The protests turn violent and police arrests them. The feel of the movie is very good but at times 1 does get bored during watching it. These thoughts of revolution are expressed from behind while the relationship of friends takes the centerstage during the screenplay.

And now comes a comment about my fav movie of the week, 21. It’s jus too awesome when we see Jim running his bicycle in the campus of MIT. The whole movie portrays nothing but the use of intelligence. Kevin Spacey, a prof at MIT teaches a secret group of students the game of Blackjack, where u have to count cards to a nearest no. of 21. Their team goes to Vegas every weekend and gets bags full of cash. Jim works on dis to get money for Harvard Medical School when suddenly gambling turns his life upside down. He is on the verge of losing his MIT degree when he relaizes a whole new meaning of life. A must watch for all the MS aspirants (only to get a feel) . I love that scene when d Harvard prof tells Jim to dazzle him with a life experience so that he can prove himself worthy of a scholarship. I mean that is why these American Universities are alwaz 100 steps ahead than those in India to say the least. They always look for merit thru determination n diligence rather than marks. Don’t you think that this is a right criteria to judge a person’s right to get educated ?..Plz leave ur comments in the box given below….

Till my next post, keep ur fingers crossed and remember to name your dog “Amir” in case u get 1. (I know tis a PJ)…Love…Nipun


3 Responses to “THe BIG mind of Hollywood filmmakerz…”

  1. ankurkakkar Says:

    hey, nice blog…. didnt know about the innate desire in you to be a film critic… anyway, gud luck with your endeavour and keep blogging regularly so that we guys can get to read reviews …

    maybe you could introduce a rating column , or maybe ask friends to rate the movie…

  2. ankurkakkar Says:

    and dont forget to visit my blog:

  3. Sachi Says:

    Gud luck with bloggin’! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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