The Sexless Innkeeper !!

Yeah yeah I know you guys have already known the Barney’s version of the poem for al long time if you all watched the episode 4, season 5 of my fav show HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER ..

Oh crap ! You don’t, you guys are so-not-cool. Jus kidding ! Go ahead. Watch  it by yourself, but only the part I loved in that episode.

Before you do that lemme jus share the background story. Now the thing is that Ted Moseby, the lead character of the show has got a tenure as a professor of Architecture in University of Columbia. And, he’s kinda having a rough time getting laid. His friend Barney (my fav character in the show)says it is due to the fact that he is a professor and chics hate the professor stuff. But Ted manages to pick up a girl, yet sad story she says she’s too tired to “do it” and sleeps over at his home and leaves the next morning. Now, go ahead and watch the show’s best part for yourself:

And for the texty text types, here’s something from the FB:

The Sexless Innkeeper

Barney’s Poem About The Sexless Innkeeper

’twas the night before new year’s,
and the weather grew mean.
it was 3:00 in the morning,
and i was stranded in queens.

the tavern grew empty,
the gas lights grew dim.
the horse-drawn carriages
were all but snowed in.

last call was approaching,
and my fortunes looked bleak.
then i turned to my left
and stifled a shriek.

she had a peach fuzz beard
and weighed 16 stone.
she gobbled up hot wings
and swallowed the bones.

i muffled a scream
and threw up in my mouth.
i asked, “where do you live?”
and she said, “one block south.”

i swallowed my pride
and six shots of whiskey.
and prayed to the gods
that she wasn’t too frisky.

back in her cave,
she prepared us a snack.
beneath her mighty hooves,
the floorboards did crack.

but when she returned,
she found a sound sleeper.
and thus she became
the sexless innkeeper.

But my friend what I am here to share is not the excerpts from the episode, but what even the creators of the episode forgot to highlight is Ted’s reply to Barney in the end of the episode, when he gets laid. And, here you go:

Twas the night before this one, I had hours to kill.
I sat in the tavern grading parchments with quill.
A busty young lassie flashed me a grin.
Her garb said classy, but her eyes whispered sin.
She said, “You’re a teacher?”  I said, “yes, indeed.”
“I must have you,” she moaned. “I’m turned on by tweed.”
With haste we did scamper, to my chamber anon.
We fell to the couch, and bro, it was on.
I unlaced her bodice; our passions grew deeper.
And thus ends the tale, of the sexless innkeeper.

LOLZ….You see that’s an awesome piece of creativity, and this show promises you this over and over again. I really miss the days from the undergraduate colege days of mine, wehre I and my frined Manchit, used to drool over this show’s makers and super-creativity all day long.

Really miss you all, while watching such episodes…! Love to hear all ya comment on this…


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